Mark SanAngelo

On Air Personality

I grew up in a little town just outside of Rochester, NY. My best friend in high  school went to college for radio so I thought it sounded like a good career for me too. I started in the Radio and Television Broadcasting Department at Butler  University in Indianapolis in August 1983. 

It was there that I met Wade Weaver. Wade and I were planning on moving into the  dorm together our Freshman year, but after a boring Saturday night on campus, we ended up at a fraternity party, with no intentions of joining. Next morning however, Wade and I were both calling home to our parents to inform them that we 
were joining Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at Butler. There are more stories to tell from  that time, however my employment contract here at The Bash forbids me from  sharing anything further, pending legal repercussions. 

I worked at both Butler radio stations, including WJRP-FM and WAJC-FM. I did my internship at WRTV-TV (TV 6) in Indianapolis. I graduated with my Bachelor’s  Degree in 1987, and got my first real radio job in August 1983 at WFBQ-FM (Q95) in Indy. I’ve worked at many other stations, including at WCMF-FM & WRMM-FM in 
Rochester, NY.

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